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Exercise with Winnie the Pooh

Зарядка будет такой.

Run, run - run in place.
Run fast, it's a race.
Run, run - very slow.
How slowly can you go?

Point your knees way up high.
Wave your hands up to the sky.

Run backward - it's hard to do.
Run forward, like Pooh and Roo.

Run, run, it's good for your heart.
Don't wait to run, get ready - start!

Hop, hop - like a bunny.
Pooh hops with his honey.

Hop, hop on two feet.
Hop, hop to the beat.

Hop left, hop right.
Hop, hop with all your might!

Hop fast, hop slow.
How high can you go?

It's fun to hop with Kanga and Roo.
It's also really good for you!

March, march, march with Pooh.
Pooh would like to march with you!
March, march, knees up high.
Point your chin up to the sky.

March, march, stand up straight!
Right, left -
don't hesitate.

Pretend you are in a marching band.
Now hit your drum with your hand!

Marching can be lots of fun.
You'll be tired when you're done.